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Telemarketing services / telesales campaigns:

Telephone marketing are today’s ‘buzz words’ in the competitive world of sales. Using a competent telemarketing company will save your company both time and money. We pride ourselves in locating the key decision maker quickly and effectively. This paves the way for the products or services we are promoting via telephone marketing, being offered in a subtle, business - like way, resulting in strong telemarketing campaign results being achieved, and a good rapport with the prospective customer being developed right from the start.

Lead generation programme / telephone appointment setting, booking.

Leads generation is where we pass qualified sales leads on to your sales executives, enabling them to spend their valuable time concentrating on the sales leads with the most business potential.

Appointment setting or appointment booking are where we personally manage your sales executives diaries, booking quality appointments after identifying the senior decision maker, thus transforming sales leads into strong initial sales meetings.

 Customer research or market research / consumer loyalty surveys.

We can also assist with small / medium customer or market research projects, when capacity allows, and pride ourselves on our diligence, with no contact overlooked, and a strong positive feedback at the end of the campaign, giving the client a good understanding of the particular market they are researching and gaining a sound reputation with regard to market research services.

Consumer loyalty surveys are also very useful for companies to ensure customers are generally happy with the quality and service they have received regarding their recent purchases.

Database management.

MH Telemarketing can quickly verify the name and address of the potential client. Having an up to date sales and marketing database is crucial to ensure marketing efforts are being focused on the right people and showing that your company has its finger on the pulse.

Database management carried out regularly, can be extremely cost effective and without doubt, yields positive results.

Unique trial package

We have, over the past seventeen years, offered a unique ‘trial package’, which proves both popular and cost effective for new clients and time effective for us.  Although ideally we need to give projects time to realise their potential, we have been complimented that even after two days, positive results are being achieved!

Trial packages are tailormade to suit various companys' requirements, please contact Marie Holloway for more details.