Intelligent Dolphins

Why do we show a dolphin on a marketing website, it's because they are excellent communicators. Here are a few more things you may not have known ... 

    • Dolphins think and speak very quickly and get bored by simple tasks. They like challenging problems. Their attention span is so short they often lose interest and get bored with slow-moving humans.  


    • Dolphins have a memory capacity equal to humans; they can follow complicated directions and remember long strings of random numbers. In marine park shows some dolphins reportedly remind their human trainers what to do if they forget part of their routine.


    • Dolphins, along with apes and humans, are the only known species that are aware of their own image and recognize themselves in a mirror. Scientists measure this ability by making marks on a dolphin’s body with markers and sham marks in which the dolphins body was touched but no marks were made.


    • The dolphins examined the marks in the mirror but didn't check the sham marks which scientists say indicates they are aware. Many other animals react to their images in a mirror as it were another animal.